Rio+20 Musical

Peace Child International started in the 1980′s after the successful musical Peace Child toured the world and connected youth within the USA and the Soviet Union.
We love theatre and it’s powerful way of involving youth, to explore important issues shaping our world.
Therefore we created 3 versions of a Rio+20 set musical, for you to use as a class and youth activity. one of which has also been presented at the 2011 UNESCO conference!

  • The Rio+20 musical
  • A Short-form Cabaret version, suited for an assembly presentation
  • A version of the Rio+20 which is a bit shorter, but is longer then the cabaret version

Please contact if you would like to produce one of these plays – He will be able to give you the scores, production notes, lesson plans etc.

Download thePeace Child for Rio+20 Musical

Download theBeyond 2050 20-min. Cabaret

Download thePeace Child for Road to Rio+20 Short Script(UNESCO)