92 Rio Earth Summit Outcomes

The 1992 Rio Earth Summit was a major stepping stone for sustainable development. Read more here.
Therefore it is worthwhile for us to look back at the outcomes of this summit. To see and explore how there have developed since and why twenty years later we find ourselves heading back to Rio de Janeiro.

The following documents give you background reading on the Earth Summit outcomes, which can be used

  • To build on the history of sustainable development,
  • As case studies for governmental climate change, biodiversity, desertification and forest action.
  • As case studies for why Agenda 21 had an impact on the global and local level across the world.
  • For creating presentations and workshops.

Download the Agenda 21 Document

Download The Rio Principles

Download the Rio Convention on Biological Diversity

Download the UN Convention on Climate Change

Download the Rio Convention to Combat Desertification

Download the Rio Forest Principles